Collection NameTate Archive Photograph Collection
Reference Number (click the number to browse all records in this collection)TAPH
TitleTate Archive Photograph Collection
Access StatusCLOSED
DescriptionArrangement of the collection.

Photographs are arranged in a self-indexing system under the following headings:

People A-Z

This is the largest section in the Photographic Collection and includes photographs of artists, collectors, critics, their works of art, exhibitions, studios, families and friends. It also includes photographs taken by artists.

The photographs are organised in an alphabetical sequence .

Photographs of two artists will be filed under the one with the largest representation and cross referenced to the other artist, except those artists who consider themselves as a single entity (e.g. Boyle family, Gilbert and George and Langlands and Bell).

Exhibiting Bodies
This includes photographs of exhibitions arranged by bodies with no fixed home (e.g. AIA and the CAS). They are arranged alphabetically by body or organisation.

Exhibitions Abroad Mixed
These are arranged alphabetically by the name of the town, followed by the name of the gallery, then where the exhibition took place.

Exhibitions London Mixed
Arranged alphabetically by the name of the gallery then where the exhibition took place.

Exhibitions Provinces Mixed
Arranged alphabetically by town and gallery

Arranged alphabetically by town

Arranged alphabetically by subject

Private and Corporate Collections
Arranged alphabetically by name of collection (e.g. National Westminster Bank Collection)
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